5 Best sites to earn Bitcoin Litcoin Doge Bitcoin Cash

There are so many ways to earn Cryptocurrencies nowadays. But there are many sites which tend to be the scam. Finding a legit site is inconvenient in this swarming scam sites. Everyone wants to earn money online or earn cryptocurrencies but couldn’t find a way how to earn. So here you will find the most east and legit way of earning cryptocurrencies. There are five legit sites which are giving a good amount of satoshi If you are new here is the best way to start your career in cryptocurrencies. Before starting these site you must have a wallet account where you can take your withdrawal. Create your wallet account here Coinbase

Here is the five legit sites to earn free Bitcoin







                                  Freebitco has very good reviews from different sites. Once you signed up all you have to do is to just fill the captcha and roll it. Each roll you can earn from 0.00000030 Bitcoin to worth of 200$ bitcoin. There are some other ways to earn on this site. You can earn generous commissions from FreeBitco.in with referrals. You can earn 50% of the base prize your referrals earned. You can also participate in a lottery where you can earn 0.1 Bitcoin. Another option is to multiply your bitcoin. So it’s a very fascinating site to earn free bitcoin. If you are facing any problem then watch the video. It explains step by step. WATCH THE VIDEO .

Minimum Withdrawal: 0.00030000

Payment : Bitcoin

Withdrawal Process: 6 to 24 hours


                              A Free-Bcash is a website  that pays out decent amounts of Bitcoin cash to people who complete simple tasks (such as filling out captchas and roll it). You can play each roll after an hour and it also offers a minimum withdrawal of 0.000040000.

Minimum withdrawal: 0.00040000 with a fee of 0.00020000

Payment: Bitcoin Cash


A Ethereum faucet gives a small number of points (usually measured in Satoshis – a hundred millionth of a Ethereum) throughout the day, and users just need to visit the website and after an hour fill captcha and roll it. Nowadays its  paying 0.00000500

satoshi for each roll. It also gives a lottery ticket to participate in an exciting prize.

The minimum withdrawal is 0.1E.

Payment: Faucet Hub


                       There are lots of websites that pay Doge to visitors who complete certain tasks. The most common one is to claim your doge after an hour ithroughout the day. freedoge is a site where you can earn a lot of doge coins for just visiting the site every hour and roll to receive your reward. The minimum amount to withdrawal is 50 doge that you can earn within 15 days.

Minimum Withdrawal: 50 doge.

Payment: Direct to your Dogechain address


BitLanders, formerly known as the Film Annex, is a social media site that pays its users in Bitcoin. It has many ways to earn bitcoin. This site gives users to earn bitcoin by watching videos, reading blogs, and writing blogs. It’s a social site where you can interact with your friends and share your thoughts by sharing your blogs.